Discovering the Tuscan Maremma is an experience that is renewed every time, it is an alternation of very long and equipped beaches of very fine sand accompanied by luxuriant pine forests, small coves with sweetly sonorous names and crystalline sea, deserted beaches close to natural paradises , of uncontaminated islands by the enchanted sea, of austere and at the same time festive villages and castles, of very sweet landscapes rich in nature and history.

Maremma: Nature, sea and villages

Feel the scents of the sea and the land all year round: Maremma can offer them thanks to the suggestive trekking or mountain bike trails that lead to splendid natural terraces or exciting horseback rides.

Few other parts of Italy also allow you to quickly reach numerous enchanting villages from the coast, often the legacy of the ancient Etruscan and Roman civilizations, or jewels of medieval architecture.

The quality of Maremma food and wine alone is worth a trip to this province, all you need is an acquacotta, the typical dish par excellence of Maremma cuisine, or delicious pappardelle with hare, or tortelli, stuffed with chard and ricotta and served with meat sauces, accompanied by a good glass of wine to motivate a trip.


Maremma Natural Park

The Maremma Park is open all year round, every day of the week. Before entering, it is necessary to purchase entrance tickets at the Visitor Center: the itineraries can be followed both individually and in groups, accompanied or not by a guide, depending on the time of year.

Before getting on the bus, you need to have the entrance ticket to the Maremma Park including transport already validated and purchasable at the ticket office of the visitor center in loc. Alberese. (Regional Park of Maremma)



What to see

in the Maremma Park

The Maremma Natural Park is one of the most precious natural gems in Tuscany, a protected area of ​​about 100 square km that extends from the mouth of the Ombrone river to the Talamone bay.


Here, wild nature meets man’s art, in a unique mix of beauty and charm that has inspired artists and writers from all over the world.


The park offers a wide range of natural habitats, from the sea to the woods, from the hills to the marshes, which are home to a great variety of animal and plant species, many of which are rare or in danger of extinction.

Among the main attractions of the park are the free beaches, where you can admire pink flamingos and gray herons, and Monte Argentario, a rocky promontory that offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding coast.

The park is also a bird watcher’s paradise, with a diverse range of bird species nesting here or stopping over on their migrations.

Outdoor activities are numerous and varied: you can go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or canoeing, or simply relax in unspoiled nature.

The park hosts a variety of natural habitats, such as coastal dunes, beaches, marshes, woodlands and hills. These natural environments offer an ideal habitat for many species of animals and plants, making the park a protected area of ​​great importance for biodiversity.

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Cala di Forno

Cala di Forno beach is a small piece of sand nestled between the wooded hills between Talamone and Collelungo. Just under one hectare overlooking a crystalline sea, which has nothing to envy to more exotic destinations. A place that can only be visited through the Park itinerary and for this reason remained wild and uncontaminated. The route winds through the Mediterranean maquis and in the company of the inhabitants of the forest, who continue to appear – albeit timidly – ​​even when you arrive at the beach. In fact, it often happens that suddenly foxes, roe deer, porcupines and fallow deer appear on the sand, almost retaking possession of their native environment.

Cala di Forno is a decidedly atypical beach, where time is marked by the rhythms of nature and which appeals to visitors who love the laws of nature, who don’t come here to impose their presence.

Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese is the beach of the Maremma Park. The entrance is the same as the Park, and since access is allowed to a very limited number of cars, it is convenient to leave your car in the park parking lot and continue with the free shuttle service.

Parking by the sea is discounted by 50% for those staying at the Fattoria il Duchesco.

The beach can also be reached via a cycle path that starts from the visitor center and is 8 km long.

Along the way to access the beach you can observe herds of Chianina and wild horses.

The beach of Marina di Alberese is pristine and made up of fine sand. It opens in front of a thick Mediterranean scrub that offers numerous natural shade points. The sea is crystal clear.

The coast along a few kilometers is characterized by the presence of trunks and branches bleached by the sea and the sun, with which primitive-looking “huts” are built that offer valid shelter from the sun.

In the access point to the beach, in the summer, you will also find a refreshment point.

If you don’t find it difficult to walk, we advise you not to stop immediately, but continue to the left; the beach gradually becomes less crowded and you can better appreciate the natural beauty of this place. The southernmost part of the beach, where the crowds of bathers can only be seen in the distance, is also frequented by naturists.

A beach for lovers of unspoilt nature.

Argentario Beaches

The beaches of Argentario, in Tuscany, are one of the most sought-after destinations for lovers of the sea and nature. The area offers a wide choice of beaches and coves, with fine golden sand and crystal clear waters.

The Feniglia beach is one of the most famous, 7 km long, it is located in a protected area and surrounded by a lush pine forest. Ideal for those looking for an uncontaminated and protected natural space.

The Cannelle beach, located on the southern slope of the Argentario, is a bay with turquoise and crystalline waters, a small and suggestive beach, perfect for those looking for a little privacy.

Cala Grande, on the other hand, is a very suggestive and little frequented bay, located between the cliffs of the Argentario, characterized by crystal clear waters and fine golden sand.

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The villages of the Argentario

Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are two splendid tourist resorts in Tuscany, located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Monte Argentario. Both offer breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear sea and a history full of charm.

Porto Santo Stefano is the main inhabited center of the island and is characterized by its natural port, from which boats leave for the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Here it is possible to admire the Spanish Castle, symbol of the city, and stroll along the seafront, full of restaurants and shops.

Porto Ercole, on the other hand, is a small picturesque town located on the southeast coast of the Argentario. Here it is possible to visit the Spanish Fortress, built to protect the port from pirate raids, and the Church of Sant’Erasmo, dating back to the 16th century. Porto Ercole is also famous for its nightlife, with numerous clubs and discos open until late at night.


Talamone, a small fraction of the municipality of Orbetello, is located in the province of Grosseto, along the coast. It is a rather famous place, thanks to its beautiful historic center built on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea, its beaches perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts, and its favorable position for exploring both the Grosseto coast and the Maremma hinterland .

The town of Talamone stands on a rocky promontory, located on the southern border of the Maremma Natural Park, in a dominant position over the entire stretch of coast that goes from Talamone to Monte Argentario, the so-called gulf of Talamone.

Furthermore, in the historic village of Talamone there are some interesting monuments to visit; finally, its marina, located on the edge of the center, is the starting point for many boat trips and excursions.

Osa beach

Osa is a free beach of 15 km 5 minutes by car from the Fattoria il Duchesco which extends in the area of ​​the mouth of the river Osa, from Poggio Talamonaccio to the mouth of the Albegna. There are also small equipped bathrooms.

We have an agreement with a bath that offers deckchairs and umbrellas. You will find Manuel and his uncle to welcome you!


The thermal springs of Saturnia are considered among the most beautiful in Italy, with crystal clear waters that flow from natural springs and create waterfalls and thermal pools. These natural baths are popular among tourists and locals for their healing and relaxing properties.

The free thermal baths of Saturnia are an increasingly popular tourist attraction among visitors to the area, especially for their natural and unequipped character, which allows you to immerse yourself completely in the beauty of the landscape.

The area of ​​the free spas of Saturnia is easily accessible, the landscape surrounding the free spas of Saturnia is extraordinary, with a panoramic view of the Tuscan hills that surround you and which make the experience even more special.

It is advisable to visit the free thermal baths of Saturnia during spring and autumn, when the climate is still mild and nature is in full bloom, and to pay attention to the information and rules on the site, to preserve the beauty of this resource natural.

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