Fattoria il Duchesco

The Fattoria Il Duchesco was born from a portion of the Duchini family’s farm in the Natural Park of Maremma Toscana in Alberese in the province of Grosseto.


Aldo and Ivana will start working in the 70s to make the farm a well-kept and hospitable jewel with a wine-growing and olive-growing vocation, but with a great passion for the fruit and vegetables that they sold every day under the roof of the house


Fabio and Cristina continue the passion for this land and the care of the farmhouse to make it welcoming and suitable for those seeking relaxation in contact with nature


Il Duchesco is certified organic by Bio Agricert in respect of the nature that surrounds us.


Cultivating Bio has been a concrete choice since 1997. The Farmhouse is also dedicated to energy saving with the European Ecolabel, and the Restaurant also offers zero kilometer and 70% organic products.

You will find the Slow Food philosophy in our dishes and in the Presidia of a territory to be discovered.

Awards for sustainability and energy efficiency.


  • Recognized in Copenhagen in 2006 as finalists in the Royal Accomodation Award for Sustainable Tourism in Europe
  • 2014 Sustainable Development Award as a company reported among the top 10 innovative products and services in the sector2015 Organic Ambassadors Award

20 KW of photovoltaic, solar thermal and 2 mini wind blades are, together with many measures for energy saving, a flagship.

Environmental education and didactics on the farm

Cristina and Fabio will be happy to welcome you and present their farm, accompanying you on this journey of tastes and scents.

Workshop courses on bread and ancient seeds are planned for schools.

For environmental education Universities (production, transformation and marketing of products – Corporate Marketing and Promotion)


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