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Ecotourism, also known as ecological tourism, is a form of tourism that appeals to the ecologically and socially conscious individuals. Generally speaking, ecotourism focuses on volunteering, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on the planet; typically involving travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

Responsible ecotourism includes programs that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment, and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. Therefore, in addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, an integral part of ecotourism is in the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, and creation of economic opportunities for the local communiti.

We are the first country farm with ECOLABEL certification, in 2005 we were awarded by the Tuscan and Lombardia Regions for eco-efficient parameters.

Referring to our idea to promote a sustainable and eco-efficient turistic development of our territory, recently we built a mini wind-system concerning the plant of two wind blades of 12 mt. height that produce clean electricity for the consumption in our farm. In addition, we built a photovoltaic panel and a solar thermic panel that is for the heating of the water in our rooms for the consumption of our guests.

Finally, we received the first “Prize for good practices for renewable energies” in the International festival of Ecology and Solidarity “Festambiente” organized by Legambiente “Festambiente” (Rispescia – August 2006) and a mention as finalist in the "Royal Accomodation Award for Sustainable Tourism in Europe 2006", organized by the Danish and Spanish Royal Crowns (Copenhagen, November 2006).

Dove siamo

Dove siamo - Agriturismo Il Duchesco

In the Natural Park of Maremma, 4 km south of Alberese.

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